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Song and dance Audition Tips and Techniques

Song Audition Tips and Techniques

i. Start by preparing a song (preferably two). Many times you may be asked to sing an upbeat song and a ballad.

ii. Find songs that are appropriate for your age and type of voice. Make sure it is a song that will show both your singing range and your character attributes. (Many Pop Songs are not good for audition pieces as they do not showcase the singing range of the performer.)

iii. Most directors of musical Theatre do not want you to sing a song from the show that you are auditioning for as your audition piece. Occasionally you will find that a Director may want a song from the show. Please check with the person taking your audition bookings whether it is OK or not to sing a song from the show.

iv. One of the best kids audition tips is to make sure the songs you choose are songs that you enjoy singing. This enjoyment will show through in your performance. We all do better at things we like to do.

v. Find sheet music for Broadway Musicals on the internet, or at a music store, book store or the library. If you are auditioning for a particular part in a musical it is a good idea to become familiar with the music which your character sings in the show... Even if you audition with another song, you'll have a basic idea just in case.

dance audition tips

Dance Audition Tips and Techniques

  • i. Dance might also be a part of your audition. A worthwhile kids audition tip is to ask, if you can, about this before going to the audition. Should you need to dance, be sure to wear something you can move in. You might also want to bring a change of clothes just in case, and if you have been training...your dance shoes.
  • ii. If you have been taking dance lessons, and are putting this down on your resume, it would be a good idea to rehearse any solo routines that you have preformed just in case you are asked to do a little something.
  • iii. A great kids audition tip is to understand that many times the choreographer watching your audition is simply trying to see if a young person can move and if they are capable of picking up a routine. There are also many plays in which not every character is required to dance. Kids with very little training many times are cast for their natural ability to move.
  • iv. Don't worry about this too much...just do your best.


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