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You're probably an aspiring actor or model, right? I thought so!

First things first, you've gotta do your homework on any talent service company, even one source talent

You can start by checking out their social media profiles if they are updating them regularly this is a good sign that they care about their clients and want to keep them informed with good information.

Also, what free services do they offer? For example, is a great free resources for talented people to network.

All in all, a little bit of homework, goes a long way, seriously! get your pen and pad, do some homework read reviews and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find out about the talent services company you're doing research on.

One source talent says understanding of audition motivation techniques

One source talent says audition motivation's the force that inspires us to act. Motivation is very personal and uniquely our own there is no one size fits all strategy that yields success. We are each motivated by different things, such as prestige, recognition, freedom, challenge, security, money, and so forth. The key is to discover what motivates each individual and align his or her needs might offer a change for promotion, highly visible work, challenger, or the opportunity tolead, among others.

one source talent reviews
Uncovering one’s specific motivators is a task easily accomplished via observation and questioning asks what motivates him or her. Armed with this information, managers are able to establish conditions that are motivating for their staff, resulting in stronger interpersonal relationships and more effective implementation of change.
Do not assume that all people are motivated primarily by money, for research indicates they are not. In fact, in most employee surveys cash ranks between fourth and eighth in terms of importance- appreciation typically ranks as most important.
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