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You're probably an aspiring actor or model, right? I thought so!

First things first, you've gotta do your homework on any talent service company, even one source talent

You can start by checking out their social media profiles if they are updating them regularly this is a good sign that they care about their clients and want to keep them informed with good information.

Also, what free services do they offer? For example, is a great free resources for talented people to network.

All in all, a little bit of homework, goes a long way, seriously! get your pen and pad, do some homework read reviews and you'll be pleasantly surprised at what you find out about the talent services company you're doing research on.

At The Audition in One Source Talent


At The Audition in One Source Talent

a. Arrive early
i. If you have not filled out an One Source Talent Audition Application or any other paperwork, it is important for you to arrive early so that you and your Mum or Dad can complete all the required forms before your scheduled audition time.
ii. If you have already received and filled out the forms, it is still important to arrive early so that you can be settled and at ease. This will increase your chances of doing a better audition than someone who is running late and has no time to prepare themself.

b. In the Waiting Room
i. While you are waiting for your One Source Talent Audition, you are actually already auditioning. And when you’re waiting after your audition at the location, you’re still auditioning. Theatre folks are a tight knit community and the audition process is a way to field out red flags and trouble spots. PARENTS, this goes for you too: If you are a “stage parent” and causing friction at the audition location you may cost your kid a role. It happens more than you think. Be easy going and a team player.
c. Butterflies and Stage Fright
i. The directors aren’t nervous if they’ve done their homework and know what they are looking for. What? Directors nervous? Maybe stressful would be a better word. Directors only have a set number of hours to field auditionees, and they do NOT want to make a mistake and overlook any gems. The director’s mind is going into overdrive thinking of all the possible role combinations for each auditionee. A good producer will have staff on hand to assist with the audition sign-in process. The directors need to focus 100% on the auditionees without distraction.
ii. Overcoming Stage Fright is not any easy task but it can be done! Keep in mind that every Director wants you to have a good experience auditioning for a show.
iii. Help yourself overcome stage fright by practicing your song, dance, monologue, scene or whatever you are the point where you no longer have to think about the action other words, it becomes "second nature".
iv. Rehearsing both mentally and physically will help you to know and understand your own talent. This is important as you need to know that you are capable of performing the task at hand. Practice to gain confidence in your own abilities and try to do this is as close to the real circumstances under which you will perform. This will help to "desensitize" you to the experience.
v. All performers experience some degree of performance anxiety. Do not ever think that you are alone in this experience! The trick is to channel your nervous energy into positive energy which helps you to perform at your best.
vi. What are some of the symptoms of stage fright you ask? Everyone will experience it differently, some of the things it may include are; giggling, nervous talking, rapid heartbeat, frequently running to the potty, quick short breaths, withdrawal from conversation, dry mouth or throat, sweating and becoming short tempered. These are many of the same symptoms that people with general anxiety experience. vii. Over time you will develop your own methods for coping with performance anxiety. For now, you could try some of the following methods: 1. Positive self-talk 2. Focussing on the Character you are portraying and NOT yourself. 3. Picture yourself at the audition and see yourself having a positive experience. Imagine the applause of an appreciative crowd. 4. Write down an explanation of your pictured positive experience. This will help make it real. 5. Keep in mind that it is good to be a perfectionist and set high goals for yourself but make sure your goals are within your reach. If you set unattainable goals you are setting yourself up for disappointment and possible failure. 6. Ask an adult you trust how they cope with anxiety. 7. The majority of actors find that, with more performance and audition experience, things become easier. Everyone learns to overcome their anxiety at a different place. Please be patient with yourself and others.

one source talent models testimonials


Tammy - Talent: 82043 - says I have only been with One Source Talent for a short time now but I have been having a blast! I can't wait to see all that One Source Talent can offer me. I look forward to whatever comes my way with the assistance of One Source Talent. A shout out to my mom and grandma Glenda for guiding me so effortlessly to achieve my maximum potential. I'm only six but I have a great personality and I'm very out going! Lets have a great year!

one source talent member Tammy one source talent member Sommer one source talent member Rachel one source talent member Kentoria one source talent member shelby
Sommer - Talent: 81533 says Hi my name is Sommer! I have just signed up with One Source and I am very excited to be joining them and to experience upcoming events! I will see you soon and enjoy working with you!

Kentoria - Talent: 81339 says One Source Talent is really great. They give you the opportunity to work and do what you have to do to achieve your goal in life. Thank you One Source Talent!

Shelby - Talent: 79885 says I have just recently joined One Source! So far I am really enjoying having the opportunities that are coming for me. I haven't yet been through any auditions, but I am going to strive and put my all into it. Of course I will fulfill my dreams that I have for myself!

Rachel - Talent: 77032 says One Source is amazing. I have only been with them a short amount of time but I am already getting so many great opportunities. They have been with me every step of the way and I can't wait to see what happens next!

Audition Scam baiting Tips, Hints and Suggestions


Prepare your scambaiting personna before you start the scambait (name, address, phone, etc.) - this will prevent you from making mistakes that will give you away later to the scammer.

Use a free email account for your scambaiting - Yahoo, gmail, Hotmail,, etc.

Don't give scammer any real information - for obvious reasons...

Address Information - I use a fake address nearby (city that is close by), just in case they trace my IP Address.

Phone Information - Do not give them your home or work number! Use (for messages) or a cell phone - I use a number that always rings, then make some excuse why I never answer (at work, store, etc.).

Make a fake ID to use - it doesn't have to be perfect - a scammer doesn't know what a real ID looks like. The scammer will almost always ask for an ID - if you don't send them one the bait may be over. ***Note*** Many scambaiters will warn against this - that you are helping a scammer by giving him a fake ID to use. It's your choice - you may want to use a fake name in the ID that any westerner would recognize as fake (Harry Buttkrack, Phil McCrakin, Anita Spermbath, etc.).

Flight Schedules - when you are trying to convince a scammer that you are traveling to his country, you can use Orbitz or Travelocity for the flight details.

Most scambaiters suggest setting up a "catcher" account to receive scam emails, and a "baiter" account to carry on the bait. This is sound advice, but not always necessary - you can actually copy a scam email you find on the web or bulletin board, and paste it to a new email to "reply" to a scammer. They send out so many emails, they will never know that they never actually sent an email to you.

Scam bait with your eyes wide open - remember, these are criminals you are dealing with and everything that comes from their mouth is most likely a lie. In the course of the scambait, you will be cussed out, issued death threats, voodoo curses, etc. Scambaiting is not for the Faint-of-Heart..

one source talent scam baiting tips

One Source Talent scam baiting

Make their lives difficult! Remember, they will have certain documents already prepared, so ask for other documents as proof. They will send you a "Certificate of Deposit" for a bank account - ask for a current Account Statement instead. Explain that a Certificate of Deposit only shows what was deposited in the account years ago, but not what is in the account now. They will waste valuable computer time making a fake, silly-looking document...

If they send you a Passport ID, ask for a Driver's License and vice versa. Notice that the picture on both is usually the same...

Ask many stupid questions and make sure they answer every question you have. They will try to stick to their script - get them off it.

Poke holes in all of their ideas, theories, and routines. The typical scammer knows nothing about business or banking, so correct them, question them, suggest other methods, etc.

Question every spelling error - even if you do understand what they meant. This will also waste their valuable time.

Insult the other characters to the main character (probably the same person...) - it usually takes me two or three emails after I am "introduced" to the lawyer to tell the client what a moron the lawyer is.

Point out all of their mistakes - I don't know how many times I received an email from a scammer who signs it with the wrong name. I am presently involved in a bait right now where the girl in the refugee camp (Paulina) complained about being there, she's sick, hungry, abused, etc., etc., and then signed it Linda. I said, "Yeah, you must be in dire straights because you seem to have forgotten your own name...".

Trace their IP Address (you can use and ask them why they are emailing from Nigeria when they are supposed to be in England...

Inspect all of the documents that they send you carefully and have them correct every mistake. Most of the time, these documents were not designed by the original scammer and they don't have the ability to edit them (jpeg image or pdf).

Scammers are constantly getting their free email accounts shut down. Don't let them get away with this without a fight! I like to tell them 'that I contacted Yahoo when the mail came back undelivered, and Yahoo said the account was shut down for fraudulent activities' - let's see them explain that one!

When a bait starts to peter out or if you haven't heard from the scammer in a while - send them a message 'that you sent the money via MoneyGram, did you get it yet'. Nothing revives a dead bait like the promise of money! Take the Hard Line Stance with the scammers - I do admit that I lose some doing this - but if they don't comply with your every wish and answer every question, tell them 'Nevermind, I am not interested in doing this anymore' - you will find it hard to get rid of them and often, they beg you to take them back!

The Kiss-Off - this is my favorite - where you are sick of the scammer or are beginning to lose them. Call them every name you can think of, be vulgar, insult their children, parents, country, religion, race - whatever it takes to piss them off!

One of the best insults to a scammer is if they think many people are laughing at them (i.e. - "my friends and I laughed at how stupid you are...").

Never, ever let them get in the last word! Remember, one of the main goals is to keep them busy - if they keep replying to your insults, they are not scamming someone else!

One source checklist for identifying talent students


One source checklist for identifying talent students

1. Possess extensive general knowledge, often know more than the teacher and find the usual reference books superficial. 2. Easily grasp underlying principles and need the minimum of explanation. 3. Have mental speeds faster than physical capabilities and so be often reluctant to write at length. 4. Be reluctant to practise skills already mastered, finding such practice futile. 5. Be inventive and original when interested. 6. Often see the unusual rather than the conventional relationships. 7. Display intellectual playfulness, fantasise and imagine and be quick to see onnections and to manipulate ideas. 8. Show good insight into cause-effect relationships. 9. Quickly make generalizations and extract the relevant points from complex material. 10. Prefer to talk rather than write and often talk at speed with fluency and expression. 11. Have exceptional curiosity and constantly want to know why. 12. Ask searching questions, which tend to be unlike other students’ questions. 13. Be able to pose problems and solve ingeniously. 14. Read rapidly and retain what is read and can recall detail.

one source talent

One source talent says understanding of audition motivation techniques


One source talent says audition motivation's the force that inspires us to act. Motivation is very personal and uniquely our own there is no one size fits all strategy that yields success. We are each motivated by different things, such as prestige, recognition, freedom, challenge, security, money, and so forth. The key is to discover what motivates each individual and align his or her needs might offer a change for promotion, highly visible work, challenger, or the opportunity tolead, among others.

one source talent reviews
Uncovering one’s specific motivators is a task easily accomplished via observation and questioning asks what motivates him or her. Armed with this information, managers are able to establish conditions that are motivating for their staff, resulting in stronger interpersonal relationships and more effective implementation of change.
Do not assume that all people are motivated primarily by money, for research indicates they are not. In fact, in most employee surveys cash ranks between fourth and eighth in terms of importance- appreciation typically ranks as most important.
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one source talent considerations in the creation of the process


one source talent reviews considerations in the creation of the process.

one source talent scam
  • How to equitably and reliably identify potential talent in students with different language abilities, body types, and learning styles.
  • How to describe gifted behaviors in language that is understandable by experts and nonexperts.
  • How to allow students to demonstrate creativity within the structure of the assessment.
  • How to assess special populations including bilingual, learning disabled and emotionally disturbed students on equal footing with students in regular classrooms.
  • How to train classroom teachers to recognize specific aspects of artistic ability as professional artists do.
  • How to help peers develop pride and support for artistically talented students and minimize jealousy or resentment about special activities.
  • How to encourage and educate parents to recognize the artistic talents of their children and actively support their arts training
  • How to conduct appropriate arts assessment in schools given practical challenges including limited space, schedule conflicts, lack of teacher availability, and few available resources.

One source talent reviews models and shows


Generally speaking it is easy to find willing volunteers to model in the show. A variety of height, shapes and sizes is good. You must have the models measurements as soon as possible to ensure the outfits all fit.

Discussing the small details of the show is perhaps the most fun and creative part of organising the event. How are you going to make your show really original, make it really stand out? The team should get together to brainstorm a few ideas. How is the show going to work? Is it going to be one continuous catwalk show or is it going to be broken up into ‘scenes’ or ‘looks’ with a short break in between? If so, how are you going to fill the break, remember you need to entertain the audience at all times?

one source talent reviews
Here is a list of things you might want to consider: 1. If you opt for a continuous catwalk show, you must give the models time to get changed. Estimate the rough time it will take a model to walk down the catwalk. Allow 3 minutes minimum for a change. Work out how many models must go in between a models first and second appearance. THIS IS NOT AS COMPLICATED AS IT SOUNDS!

2. Perhaps there is a band or singer who would like to perform. Or perhaps some dancers who would like to perform a routine.

3. A poetry reading or short drama piece.

4. A magician or jugglers always entertain the audience.

5. Use the breaks to highlight some of thinking behind the show. EG if you want to highlight the use of child labour in the fashion industry you could show a film1 or read an account of children working to produce clothing for Europe.

6. If the show is being organised as a fundraising event then a spokesperson from the charity could make a short speech about the nature of the charity.

7. If the show is being organised as a fundraising event then a spokesperson from the charity could make a short speech about the nature of the charity.

8. Think about how you are going to introduce the show. Are you going to have a compere to introduce the different sections of the show? Consider whether you will have amplified sound. Or perhaps at the beginning of each section the first model can hold a sign signifying the new ‘look’. 9. What music are you going to use?